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Welcome! This website was created on Feb 05 2008 and last updated on May 31 2016. The family trees on this site contain 1822 relatives and 578 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.


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We need to haunt the house of history and listen anew to the ancestors` wisdom. Maya Angelou
About Wells-Gurley-Andazola-McCormick Family
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"No one comes from the earth like grass we come like trees we all have roots."
                                   -Maya Angelou 

November 28, 2008 Last February I started this web page.  I (ahem) thought I was 
finished with my family history and it would just be a matter of updating and somehow 
getting all the data on the webpage.  It has taken me almost a year but all my data 
is here and I'm considering it 'complete'.  I added some new information, took out a 
branch of Gurleys that didn't belong, and added sources. I also actually found Jacob 
Gurleys father so that he no longer has a question mark for a father and that made a 
few changes in the Gurley part of my tree. The same people are there just in a 
slightly different order.  I am leaving anything that is unfinished plus a few big 
mysteries to the future generations who might have more resources than I have. 

I am moving on to other projects and preserving my immediate families history through 
my scrapbooking projects.  To date I have completed 60 traditional and digital 
scrapbooks.  I am also working on cataloging and sorting photos and documents to 
complete this family history.  I will be adding those items to this site over the 
next few months so that we can all share them.  I also have a big project with my 
Dad's WWII scrapbook.  My mom has an amazing collection of documents and memorbilia 
that my dad sent her during the war.  Then there is my husband's history which is 
here, too, but we havent' even begun sorting and cataloging the photos from the coal 
mining town where he was born: Dawson, New Mexico.

God Bless all here!  Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2009.

I dedicate this site to my Mom because she got me started when she gave me my first 
family tree; hand drawn and handwritten.  She made copies for all the children and 
grandchildren each personally hand drawn and handwritten.  That was before PCs and 
the Internet and she did all of her research through snail mail. I truly treasure 
that first little tree.  When I finally got started, it took me a long time to round 
up the little scraps of info I'd collected through the years written on napkins and 
the backs of envelopes.  It was great to finally be at a place in my life where I had 
time to pull it all together.  I'm still pulling and some of the mysteries will 
probably never be solved.  But I could never have done it without my Mom's leg work 
and her incredible memory.  Also, she still cheers me on!

My main areas of research have been: Wells, Gunsaulis, Melvin (Dad's side)
                                    Gurley, Shelby, Warren, Wall, Jordan(Mom's side)
                                    Andazola, Marcelli, Nizzi, and Caesari (My 
husband's family)

Where are they from?  The USA, England, Spain, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, and Italy. 

In addition to all the wonderful things my Mom does and IS she makes beautiful 
quilts.  So, this is the thought I will leave you with.

"Families are like quilts, lives pieced together, stitched with memories and bound by 
love."  God Bless All!

                 "Mairidh Ceol Agus Gaol."
                 (Music and Love Will Endure)

GURLEY: According to Albert E. Gurley author of "The History and Genealogy of the 
Gurley Family" 1897, "All the Gurleys, Gourleys, and Gourlays, in Scotland, Ireland, 
England, and America, all descended from one Ingelram de Gurley, who 
accompanied "William the Lion" from Normandy, France, to Scotland in the year 1174, 
and for his sage counsels and good advice to King William he was given a grant of 
land in Kincraig, Fifeshire, Scotland, which, I believe, is possessed by the name to 
this day.  All the descendants of this Ingelram de Gurley may feel proud of their 
name and ancestry, for the name implies bravery, honesty, and a religious character." 

GUNSAULIS SURNAME: originally 'Gonzales' is of Spanish origin and evolved to a Dutch 
sounding name 'Gonsalus, Gunsaulis, Gunsalis, Gunsallus, Gunsaullus, Consalus, etc. ' 
after the Gonzales men moved into and married the women in the Dutch colonies of New 
York.  There are many, many variations of this name which makes them a difficult 
family to research.  However, due to this oddness of the name, I think that most of 
the Gunsaulis (and all variations) of this particular family name in America are all 
related to Manuel Gonzales b. abt 1668 in Spain.

GURLEY SURNAME:  (from  "This famous Scottish surname is recorded 
in several spelling forms including: Gourlay, Gourley, Gurley and Gourlie.  However 
spelt the ultimate origin is shrouded in mystery.  A famous Scottish etymologist 
claimed that it originated from England.  Other later researchers suggest a French 
origin from Normandy. Certainly the name was introduced into Scotland in the 12th 
century, and quickly achieved some prominence."

WELLS SURNAME: Wells is probably an English habitational surname. (from "It is recorded in several spellings including Well, Wells, 
Welman, Wellman, and Wellsman.  Possible origina: topographical, locational, or even 
job descriptive. 

JORDAN SURNAME: "This was originally a popular English and French personal name given 
especially to the children of the Knight Templars, known as The Crusaders.  These 
people were both soldiers and pilgrims and often returned with flasks of water taken 
from the River Jordan, and this was used for the baptism of their children.  The word 
derives from the Hebrew "yarden' meaning 'to descend' (to the Dead Sea).  The 
personal Latinized form of the name, Jordanus, is first recored in the registers of 
the abbey of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, in 1121, whilst Jurdanus de Brakenberge 
appears in the Danelaw Rolls of Lincoln in 1191.  Amongst the first surname 
recordings is that of John Jorden of Cambridge in the year 1202, and Walter Jurdan of 
Sussex in 1327. In 1573 Thomas Jourden married Marcia Burrowes by civil license in 
London, and a further very interstening recording is that a Sislye and Mary Jordan, 
who on February 18th 1623 , were recorded as 'living at Jordan's Journey', a village 
in the colony of Virginia, America.  They were amongst the earliest registered 
settlers in the New England Colonies."  (

WARREN SURNAME:"This is an English surname, but one of medieval French origins, of 
which there are three.  Introduced into England and Scotland after the Conquest of 
1066, the surname is one of the earliest on record as shown below.  Early examples of 
recordings include;  William de Warren in the Hundred Rolls of Norfolk in 1273, and 
William de Warenne, in the tax registers known as the Feet of Fines for the County of 
Essex in 1285.  Recordings from surviving church registers include the marriage of 
William Waron and Alys Agno on May 13th 1542, at St. Margaret's Westminster, and the 
marriage of William Warren and Elizabeth Bullwack on January 25th 1544, at St. Martin 
Orgar in the city of London.  The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown 
to be that of William de Warenne.  This was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book for 
London, during the reign of King William 1st of England, and known as 'The 
Conqueror', 1066-1087.  Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have 
continued to 'develop' often leading to astonishing vaiants of the original 
spelling."   (
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